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UAE Rain Drainage System

The UAE's Famous Rain-Induced Floods Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past

When it rains, it pours. Sometimes it even floods (as it did in many parts of Egypt recently).

The UAE is on it, with several new projects in the (ahem) pipeline to prevent flooding and create a sustainable solution to collect the excess storm water in Abu Dhabi so situations like this in Dubai could be a thing of the past.

Currently excess water is collected in pipelines and drained in the sea. But according to Dr. Amr Elagroudy, drainage advisor at the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, for rural or remote areas that are 40km or more from the city, that ends up being an expensive endeavor.

Furthermore, with water leakage from irrigation and the water not permeating the soil, there were around 860 reports of flooding and property damage two years ago in Abu Dhabi, reports Gulf News. It cost the capital AED39.6million in developments created solely to improve existing rainwater drainage.

Instead of just building longer, more expensive and less sustainable pipelines, the government is looking to inject storm water into aquifers, which are rocks that can hold groundwater.

We can always trust the UAE to come up with better and eco-friendly solutions to any problem. Hopefully Egypt will follow the lead.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia
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