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Uber Gives Saudi Women Drivers Passenger Gender Choice

Female Careem Drivers Are Now on the Road in Saudi but Uber Is Giving Their Women This 1 Important Choice

Sunday marked the first day women are able to drive in Saudi Arabia, and Careem and Uber made the most of this change in laws by gearing up females to drive for them.

With 70 percent of customers in the country being female for Careem, it makes sense for the company – which has invested $80million into KSA over the last five years – to establish a women-only call center and a Women's Female Captain Committee.

Operating in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, even the first woman to get her license in Saudi Arabia has been hired by Careem (2,000 came in to their initial training sessions) and their plan is to have 20,000 females signed up by 2020.

But if you've thought about women who may want to earn a living behind the wheel but might not feel comfortable picking up male passengers yet, Uber has the answer. The ride-hailing app is piloting a scheme where women drivers can choose to pick up only other females, after finding out that 74 percent of the prospective women drivers they interviewed would only be interested driving those from the same gender.

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Image Source: Uber UAE
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