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Umbrella Drone Launches in the UK

This Company Found a Very Unique Way to Handle Problematic Weather

Isn't just a pain when you're caught out in the rain? Whether you're riding a bike or taking a dog for a walk, there are times when anyone would wish they had a third hand. Luckily, one British company has found a way to tackle that problem but it's rather expensive.

At £1,499 (currently on sale for £1,299) a hovering umbrella costs much more than the average. The limited edition DJI Phantom 4 works by using a drone to carry an umbrella above the user's head but it only has 30 minutes of battery life so don't think about taking it out in a long-lasting shower. The device has in-built intelligence collision avoidance technology, so it shouldn't cause any accidents even in terrible weather conditions.

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