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VIDEO: How Long Does It Take to Clean a Plane?

Sticky Fingers? Here's How Much Time and Effort Actually Goes Into Cleaning Your Plane

Ever wonder just how well airlines actually clean their planes before the next set of passengers board? The thought alone is enough to scare anyone into never touching a tray table again.

Well, according to this video, it only takes 25 minutes to clean a Boeing 777 thanks to team of 21 people on Emirates. That's pretty impressive.

Responses on Twitter have predictably been positive (because who doesn't like Emirates?!).

Godwin (@Godwinsama) called the airline: "Unsung heroes" while Paul Jenner @Jenz4me said: "Yes they do a great job I have seen A380 cleaned. Amazing how fast they are." Michael lp (@mikeip), former photo editor at Newsweek and My Daily News, had a cheeky reply: "Maybe you can give @British_Airways a tutorial." Ouch!

While it's not much time at all, we must say 21 cleaners should do a pretty thorough job. Watch the clip to see them even turning over seat cushions and getting in there with the window blinds!

Image Source: Twitter user emirates
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