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Why Adulting Sucks

20 Times You Realized How Much Adulting Sucks

As a young adult, you wonder why anyone would want to go back to being a kid. You can make your own choices, have independence, and stay out past curfew. But then there are plenty of occasions when all you wish is to go back to a time with zero responsibilities. Adulting definitely has its benefits and pains, and it always takes a little trial and error to get the hang of things. We've all experienced the frustrating reality checks that life is so good at giving us. Here are 20 times you realized how hard it was to grow up:

  1. When you spent more time on the phone with insurance companies than with your friends.
  2. When you got in a car accident and quickly figured out you couldn't afford to get into one.
  3. When the fine print screwed you over.
  4. When you had to spend your precious money on things like drain cleaner.
  5. When you didn't make that doctor's appointment because you were afraid of the bill.
  6. When you found out you had to make doctor and dentist appointments yourself.
  7. When you had to give up your weekend to let the exterminator or plumber in.
  8. When weddings started becoming a large expense and not just some fun family event.
  9. When you checked your credit score and immediately regretted it.
  10. When you were sick and nobody was around to take care of you.
  11. When you had to Google the difference between a Roth IRA and 401 K.
  12. When mail became more than magazines and catalogs.
  13. When planning your birthday started feeling more like a chore.
  14. When you were no longer able to bounce back from hangovers.
  15. When your parents took you off their insurance.
  16. When you volunteered to pay the group's tab for credit card points — and you only got half the amount back.
  17. When vacations were no longer something you could tag along on.
  18. When you stopped getting birthday money from your parents.
  19. When grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning became your Sunday.
  20. When Spring break turned into tax season.
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