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Why Do I Get Sick in The UAE?

If You Got Sick Recently, Doctors Say You Can Blame The Weather

I recently recovered from a week-plus long flu, and as someone not accustomed to drawn-out illnesses, I was wondering why I got so sick-- especially in such a warm climate.

It turns out that it's not my co-worker (who I initially wanted to blame), but the erratic weather that's been hitting the country over the past few months.

Heavy rain, temperatures that go back and forth between hot and cold, and an abundance of dust and sand storms are all culprits in what doctors say is a 50% increase in patients seeking treatment for respiratory infections and allergy symptoms.

"We are seeing double the number of patients at the moment, and we are putting that down to the weather," Dr Sanjay Kewalramani, an ear nose and throat surgeon at Medcare Sharjah Hospital said to The National. "It is a persisting problem at present, mainly due to the storms. Treatment is fairly straightforward and we can offer nasal sprays if the patient is having difficulty breathing, or snoring at night."

"If they have irritable eyes, it may be a problem with the air conditioning, so we advise that is checked out as a precaution. The ducts can be a very good conduit for pollen, dust and viruses."

Though we may be past the bad weather, brace yourself for another round of it this summer. According to the experts, illnesses are expected to increase again when the weather really heats up, and we're going in and out of air conditioned buildings all day.

Stay healthy!

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