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Expats Under 30 With Diploma Can't Work in Kuwait
Now Expats Under 30 Who Have a Diploma Can't Work in Kuwait
Denmark Minister of Immigration: Ramadan Fasting Dangerous
A Minister of Immigration Thinks Fasting During Ramadan Poses a Danger to Society
Dubai Pushes For Flexible Working Hours in Bad Weather
Flexible Working Hours in Bad Weather Could Become a Thing in Dubai
Boy, 10, Cuts Water Wastage at Mosque
A 10-Year-Old Thought His Mosque Was Wasting Too Much Water ... So He Did Something About It

Women Standing Strong With Planned Parenthood

A Message to Politicians: 11 Women Standing With Planned Parenthood

Tell Congress to stop attacking basic health care at Planned Parenthood. Add your name here: #IStandWithPP

Image Source: via Storyvine
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