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COVID-19 | Abu Dhabi Movement Ban Extended For One More Week

Abu Dhabi's Movement Ban Has Been Extended For One More Week

Abu Dhabi officials have confirmed that the city's movement ban has been extended for one more week.

However, residents of the UAE's capital will be allowed to enter neighboring cities; Al Ain and Al Dhafra from 6 am tomorrow, June 23. The border into Dubai will remain closed until further notice.

The official statement issued by the Abu Dhabi Media Office reads as follows: "Following promising indicators in the number of cases found in Covid-19 tests, Abu Dhabi residents may move freely between the emirate's regions, starting from 6am on Tuesday, June 23. Restrictions on entering Abu Dhabi are being extended by another week, with exemptions for all types of goods and mail, and permit holders. Exiting the emirate will continue without a permit."

The ban, which was first implemented on June 2, aims to reduce the risk and spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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