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COVID-19 | Can You Have a Wedding and Host Events in Dubai?

Dubai’s Buzzing Entertainment and Leisure Services Are Set to Resume Operations

If you, like us, have missed physically attending live concerts, we have some great news! A new circular issued by Dubai Tourism has announced that concert venues can now welcome musical acts from across the globe.

Exciting, right? There's more. The circular that was issued earlier this week also revealed that events such as wedding ceremonies and small-scale business and leisure events can also resume operations. These include office parties, banquets, award ceremonies, press days, exhibitions and training seminars.

The announcement was accompanied by a series of COVID-19 rules that have to be followed throughout each event and concert.

Those hosting and attending seated events have to maintain a minimum of two meters of social distancing. Event hosts need to ensure that guests are seated in a chequerboard seating arrangement, with two tables to remain vacant between each group of people. The same rules apply to those hosting standing events. However, there must be a clear physical marking to indicate the standing space for individuals and groups.

Live events and concerts organizers are encouraged to make use of online ticket sales. Physical, social distancing markers are to be clearly displayed on the floors of each concert and event venue. Staff members are required to wear face masks at all times. Venues have to be sanitized every 30 minutes, as well as at the end and start of each event.

Musical acts, guest speakers, and talent are required to wear faces masks, they are however allowed to remove them when performing if they maintain a minimum of four meters of physical distance between them and the audience.

With regards to food, event hosts are allowed to offer pre-packaged food with disposable cutlery. While those opting for buffets are required to ensure that strict social distancing measures are maintained. Self-service buffets are not allowed.

Please note that nightclub services and city promotions are still not permitted to resume operations.

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