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COVID-19 | Dubai to Open Its Border To Tourists On July 7

Dubai Is Opening Its Borders to Tourists Soon — As In Really, Really Soon

We have great news for all those looking to visit Dubai! The emirate, which is home to the likes of The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and more, is set to welcome tourists back from July 7.

The news was confirmed by the Dubai Media Office just hours ago.

All those wishing to visit Dubai would have to test negative for COVID-19. Aside from testing negative for the virus, all visitors would also be required to have a valid health insurance. They would also be required to download the COVID-19 DXB app, fill out a health declaration form, and be aware that airlines have the right to refuse passengers who they suspect may have the virus.

Once visiting passengers have landed in Dubai, they will be subject to further tests, if airport officials suspect that they are carrying the virus.

All tourists will also be required to follow the city's COVID-19 safety measures. These include the mandatory wearing of masks, social distancing measures, and more. If the COVID-19 guidelines are not followed, they could be subject to fines issues by the Dubai Police.

The announcement comes shortly after it was confirmed that all those living in the UAE would be allowed to travel from June 23. Travel, however, will only be permitted to specific destinations and those returning to the UAE after travelling will have to get approval from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Rules for Returning to the UAE after Travel

According to the tweet, locals and expats looking to return to the nation after traveling will be subject to several conditions and procedures which will "be announced later."

UAE Residents Currently Looking to the Return to the UAE

Earlier this week, the UAE government announced a new set of quarantine guidelines for residents looking to return to the UAE. All returning UAE residents will be required to undergo 14 days of quarantine upon arrival as per the instructions. The 14 days of quarantine can either take place hotels and at the homes of the returning residents, provided a pre-approved set of criteria are met.

In More Detail

Upon arrival, passengers will be subject to thermal checks. Those suspected of having COVID-19 will be subject to further tests. All returning UAE residents will be required to download the COVID-19 DXB app. Once residents clear immigration and customs, they will be provided with the option of a hotel or home quarantine. Those who do not meet the criteria for home quarantine are required to pick a hotel from a pre-approved list of options.

Hotel Quarantine

Returning residences opting for a hotel stay will have to remain in their rooms for the entire 14 day quarantine period. UAE residences will also be required to clean their rooms regularly and wear face masks and gloves when in the hotel's common spaces. The resident will cover the cost of the hotel stay.

Home Quarantine

Residents looking for home quarantine can do so, provided; their room has its own private bathroom, they are not sharing a household with high-risk individuals, and they have access to medical equipment such as thermometers. All returning UAE residents will have access to a tele-doctor through the COVID-19 DXB app.

How to Book a Return Flight to the UAE

All UAE residents wishing to return have to apply for an entry permit, which can be found on the website. Once entry permit is approved, returning residents can proceed by booking their return flight to the UAE.

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