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COVID-19 Fines and Rules to Follow in the UAE

These are the COVID-19 Rules that You Still Need to Follow in the UAE

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease in the UAE, many have asked what mandatory safety guidelines still apply in the nation.

Below are the COVID-19 safety rules, which, if not followed, could result in a hefty fine.

  • Not wearing a face mask in public could result in an AED3,000 fine
  • Having more than three passengers in a vehicle, who are not members of your family, could result in an AED3,000 fine
  • Hosting gatherings and inviting people over could result in an AED10,000 fine
  • Attending a gathering as a guest could result in an AED5,000 fine
  • Failing to maintain social distancing at work or other public places, such as shops and restaurants, could result in an AED3,000 fine per person and an AED5,000 penalty for the institution
  • Not wearing a face mask at work could result in a fine of AED5,000 for the employee, plus an AED5,000 penalty for the company
  • Those caught holding private tuitions could face a fine of AED20,000, while the tutor could be fined AED30,000
  • Failing to comply with home quarantine rules could result in an AED50,000 fine
  • Failing to download the Alhosn app, if you have tested positive for coronavirus could result in an AED10,000 fine
  • Refusing to do a Covid-19 test if asked could result in an AED5,000 fine

During a press conference held yesterday, June 27, Salem Al Zaabi, the Acting Director of the Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution, urged public members to continue abiding all precautionary measures. He added that fines would be greater for repeat offenders.

"The fine will be doubled for those found to be repeating the violation. Third-time offenders will be subject to legal action and could face imprisonment for up to six months and an increased fine of AED100,000," Al Zaabi explained.

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