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COVID-19 | Rules For Travel In and Out of the UAE Announced

If You're Looking To Travel Out of, or Back to the UAE Soon – You Need to Read This

If you're one of the many looking to travel once UAE opens its borders on June 23, we have news for you.

During a media briefing, which took place on Wednesday, June 17, Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri, spokesperson for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority announced that a "strategy" has been put in place to allow citizens and residents to travel. The strategy outlines how countries have been categorized, in terms of COVID-19 risk factors,

"Travel will be allowed to certain destinations according to a strategy that has classified all countries of the world into three categories: the first is classified as low-risk nations, to which all citizens and residents are allowed to travel," Dr. Al Dhaheri explained.

Adding: "The second is medium-risk nations to which only a limited category of citizens are allowed to travel to in case of emergency, namely for necessary medical reasons, visiting first-degree family members, or for military, diplomatic and official missions. The third are high-risk countries to which travel is categorically banned."

During his briefing, Dr. Al Dhaheri also outlined several COVID-19 travel rules that residents and locals need to adhere to when traveling abroad.

Requirements for Residents and Locals Leaving the UAE:

  • Undergo a COVID-19 test 48 hours before your departure. Only those with negative results will be allowed to travel.
  • All travelers are required to download the UAE COVID-19 tracing app.
  • A travel request must be applied for through the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity's website and register in the Twajudi service.
  • Complete a health accountability form, which will require travelers to list of all the countries they have recently visited.
  • Travelers must be under the age of 70 and free from chronic disease.
  • Travelers will also be subject to temperature checks.
  • Those looking to travel are required to have international travel insurance.
  • Travelers must follow preventative COVID-19 measures, which include the mandatory wearing of face masks, gloves, and a strict social distance of two meters.

Requirements for Residents and Locals Returning to the UAE:

  • Quarantine for 14 days upon return to the UAE, which can be done either at home or in a hotel. The 14 day quarantine period could be reduced to seven days, provided you have traveled to a low-risk country.
  • Undergo a follow-up COVID-19 test.
  • The Alhosn app has to be downloaded and activated.

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