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Emirates In-Flight Netflix Service

Emirates Customers, Your Entertainment Experience Is About to Reach New Heights

How many times have you ever boarded a flight to find that you have nothing to watch? A few? Once? All the time? Well, Emirates is working on a little something, something to ensure that this doesn't happen to you, again.

According to reports, the Dubai-based airline is currently drafting an entertainment experience similar to that perfected by Netflix.

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Speaking to Arabian Business, Emirates' Divisional Vice President Patrick Brannelly revealed that the AI generated, Netflix-style service will tailor content based on passengers' age, language, and viewing preference.

"The idea is that you log-in to a seat, just the same as you would log in to Netflix. For example, if you log in to a system and you choose to watch a German movie, you're probably German, so let's bring all the other German content to the top," he explained.

Adding: "If you're watching a film for a four-year-old you're probably young, so let's bring the younger content to the top. People want stuff that is relevant to them and they want to get to it quickly."

The news comes shortly after the award-winning airline launched an app feature which allows customers to create personalized playlists before their flight.

If you haven't tried it yet, all you need to do is download the Emirates App, select "My Trips", choose your booking, browse through the catalogue, and select your preferred shows and movies.

Once you're on-board and connected to the On-Air WiFi, your playlist will start syncing and within minutes your beloved preferences will be displayed on your screen.

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Image Source: Supplied/ Emirates
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