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Ramadan 2020 | Dubai Social Protocols and Restrictions

The Dubai Government Has Just Announced the Social Protocols for Ramadan

With Ramadan expected to begin on Friday, April 24, the Dubai Government has issued several social and cultural restrictions and protocols in an attempt to keep its community safe and help to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus during the Holy Month.

The social and cultural restrictions and protocols are as follows:

No gatherings of more than ten people are allowed

  • No gatherings of over ten people in private places include no weddings, funerals, etc
  • Social distancing should be implemented during gatherings of less than ten people and physical contact such as handshaking, hugging, etc. is not allowed
  • Highly advised that gatherings are few and are restricted to extended family members or very close friends during futoor/suhoor

Donating food

  • No food should be donated or given directly to any person outside the household, except mass donations under the direct supervision of charity and government entities
  • Donations should be made through authorized charity bodies only

Receiving food

  • It is not advised to share food within family members living in different houses to minimize transmission risk; however, when receiving food from family or friends, the food items should be carefully transferred to home containers

Prayers during Ramadan

  • Gathering for prayers is not allowed
  • Group prayers among immediate household members are conditional that they live in the same house

Visiting high-risk individuals

  • Visiting high-risk individuals (such as elderly, individuals with chronic diseases, etc.) if not in the same household should be avoided for their safety and visiting family members living in different houses are advised to be limited and restricted to the essential and as per need

Household help

  • Household help should be instructed not to meet with individuals outside the household
  • Household help should be instructed not to accept food or items from unknown origin
  • Household help should be given the right protective gear when dealing with individuals outside the household
  • Household help should be given the right instructions for receiving packages (such as wiping the package or the food container, wearing gloves, etc.)
  • It is advisable to reduce household movement to the minimum and arrange for them to stay in the family house instead of their accommodation in case of taking care of elderly ad infants

Leaving the house

  • Leaving the house is advised for necessities only
  • Family visitation and one outdoor activity can be performed as per the set parameters
  • When outside the house avoid touching any surfaces and immediately sanitize hands after doing so
  • Avoid touching face until hands are properly washed with soap and water
  • Elderly and high-risk individuals with chronic diseases are encouraged to stay home and avoid public places

Transportation (public or private)

  • Mask should be worn when leaving the house
  • It is advised to have sanitizers readily available and to use frequently in case of movement whether in private or public transportation

What to do in case of symptoms presenting themselves

  • If a family member exhibits symptoms, they should immediately self isolate and contact the DHA hotline
  • All members of the family should, especially the elderly and vulnerable, stay away from the sick individual

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