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Ramadan 2020 | UAE Start Date

The Expected Start Date of Ramadan In the UAE Has Been Announced

For those celebrating the blessed month of Ramadan, the International Astronomy Center (IAC) has announced that the Holy Month is expected to start on April 24. The sacred period is expected to commence on Saturday, May 23.

The exact start date of Ramadan will be confirmed by the UAE's moon-sighting committee, which consists of a group of astronomers, court officials and advisers from the country's Islamic authority. The committee will gather closer to the time to try and spot the crescent moon, which marks the start of the Holy Month.

For all those who are new to the region and to the religion of Islam, here are a few more details about the Holy Month:

The sacred month falls on the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, as this is when the Holy Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). During this Holy month, healthy Muslims across the globe fast from sunrise to sunset, refrain from expressing negative thoughts or words, and give back to those less fortunate. The end of the Holy Month of Ramadan is marked once the crescent moon is sighted again, marking the start of Eid al-Fitr

Working Hours:

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources UAE (FAHR) has revealed that all public sectors will follow an official five hour working day, which, this year, will run from 9 AM to 2 PM.

In an official tweet, the FAHR added that "Ministries and Federal entities must take into consideration those whose nature of work requires otherwise."

The working schedules and timings for the UAE's private sector have yet to be announced.

School Timings:

The UAE's Ministry of Education in UAE announced that all educational facilities are to adhere to a reduced study plan, that will see the daily duration of each lesson last 30 minutes. With the total number of classes per week ranging from 15 to 20 classes.

For more information and news about the Holy Month of Ramadan, please click here.

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