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This Is 30 YouTube Video

30 Is NOT the New 20 For This Guy Questioning His Entire Existence in a Party Photo Booth

Say what you will about all of the wonderful things that happen when you cross the threshold into your 30s, for many, it's enough to induce a full-blown existential crisis.

That's probably how one person on YouTube, Andrew Stadelberger, felt about the milestone when he uploaded the dismal-meets-hilarious video titled "This is 30." In the video, Stadelberger is posing in a wedding's slow motion photo booth with a crew of jovial friends. As Simon & Garfunkel's ominous "The Sound of Silence" begins to play, it becomes evident that Stadelberger isn't in a celebratory mood, as he maintains the same deadpan facial expression throughout all of the festive commotion. The distressed 30-year-old captioned the video with, "This is fine. Everything is fine. Okay?!"

While it's certainly healthy to confront aging with a positive attitude, it's also OK to laugh about it every now and then . . . or just stare blankly into the distance as you internally freak out.

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