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Abu Dhabi Organic Farms 2018

Abu Dhabi's Going Organic in a Big Way

Organic food can be hard to find in the UAE.

While most grocery stores have organic sections, fruits and vegetables aren't always easy to come by, and when you do find them, they're often much pricier than their non-organic counterparts.

Now, a major change in the ways of farming in Abu Dhabi may mean more options in the very near future.

Throughout the next few years, 100 existing farms in the city's capital will be transformed into organic farms, with 25 already being transformed as of today.

One, Zayed Farm, a 98-hectare property in Liwa, has already started selling its produce to the market, the Abu Dhabi Farmer's Services (ADFSC) reports.

Following the success of Zayed Farm's transformation, more farms around the emirate have been on-boarded, and about 20 will turn organic each year.

"We aim at providing theoretical and practical programs for farmers to encourage them to switch from traditional to organic agriculture, through workshops, lectures and some support programs, such as paying organic certification fees on their behalf, obtaining organic certification from the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology [Esma], in addition to providing the requirements of organic agriculture at competitive prices through the centres selling agricultural inputs of the center," Nasser Mohammad Al Junaibi, acting CEO of the ADFSC, said, speaking to Gulf News.

For now, Zayed Farm produces green chilli, lettuce, peppers, strawberry, red radish, and cauliflower, and ADFSC plans to continue to certify farms that wish to promote a healthy lifestyle through organic foods.

Looks like the UAE is on track to be more sustainable every day!

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