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Beauty and the Beast Harry Potter Video Mashup

This Hysterical Video Put Princess Belle in Hogwarts — and Voldemort is the Beast!

Stay with us on this one: what if Beauty and the Beast was actually set in Hogwarts and the storied Beast was actually Lord Voldemort? Such is the basic premise of this simultaneously hysterical and terrifying mashup from PistolShrimps.

In the video, titled "Beauty and Lord Voldemort," Belle sacrifices her freedom to set her father free and is forced to live with none other than Harry Potter's spine-chilling villain. He turns out to be a really good guy though! In addition to the absolutely ridiculous love story, the mashup also inserts some other hidden Harry Potter references. For example, Dobby makes an appearance as the Disney movie's lovable Chip Potts.

Watch the video in its entirety, above.

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