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Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Take It From a Local… Here’s Everything You Must Do in Egypt

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is a country of many juxtapositions. Anyone that's ever been to Cairo can tell you about the smog that blankets the bustling streets of the capital, where you'll find hustling vendors and the unique smell of roasting shawarma meat and fried taameya at every corner.

There's also the quiet grandeur of the Egyptian Pyramids that rise majestically above a busy, modern city that lays below it. Then there is the beauty and utter stillness of the Western Desert, the unparalleled beaches of coastal cities such as Marsa Allam and Sahel.

The magnificent archeological sites in Aswan and Luxor will make you want to pinch yourself, while the centuries-old charm of what was once the greatest city in the ancient world, Alexandria, feels like a different world entirely – except for the traffic. That's the same everywhere in this country.

It's beautiful yet dirty, calm in some cities and frenzied in others. Some hate the rush, while others thrive in its chaos. But beneath the grime, there's overwhelming beauty. Love it or hate it, you will be awed.

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