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Bogy and Tamam Dolls in Egypt

This Classic Childhood Cartoon Is Making a Comeback in the Form of Dolls

If you were an Arab child at any point between the late 1970s to the mid 1990s, then you would have been obsessed with Bogy and Tamam, two Egyptian muppet characters on a children's show. The siblings also had a younger sister named Tamatim ("tomato" in Arabic); Boogy was the clumsy one and Tamtam was the clever one. Each episode was centered around things that happen in everyday life. Oh, and they danced and had their own songs. No wonder kids all over the region (me included) were enthralled.

Well this Ramadan, aside from the traditional lanterns and other decorations sold during this Holy Month, Egyptian vendors in Cairo are bringing back the nostalgia by selling dolls of Bogy, Tamtam, Tamatim and the other characters in the famous cartoon. The themed dolls will come in different sizes, and will cost from LE35 (AED7.70) for the smallest to LE250 (AED51.20) for the biggest.

According to Egyptian sellers, demand for these iconic dolls is high, reports Al Bawaba.

They were quick to point out though, that the item in highest demand is the Mohamed Salah-themed lantern. Apparently, children come in droves for those. We're okay with that. If anything will beat our love for our childhood cartoon, it's this Egyptian King.

Having said that, it's not stopping us from sharing a Ramadan-themed clip from a Bogy and Tamtam episode for those who want to go way back.

Image Source: YouTube user kokooo555
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