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Challenges of Aviation in the UAE

Sheikh Mo Sees Three Challenges For the Future of Aviation in the UAE

The UAE sets the standard for air travel around the world.

As home to Emirates, which is the world's best airline, the UAE must work to maintain its status as leaders in aviation.

Dubai Future Accelerators were created for this very reason-- as a place to help develop ideas and goals that will allow Emirates to maintain its status--and Sheikh Mo was joined by his sons Sheikh Hamdan and Sheikh Maktoum to discuss the ways in which the UAE can remain top in the field.

For Sheikh Mo, the challenge is three-fold, and he outlined the steps the UAE needs to take in a series of Tweets.

The first challenge is to develop a fleet of autonomous vehicles:

The second challenge is to transform the way Emirates cabin crew learns-- and the means through which they are taught.

The third challenge is to make the travel experience more personalized.

As an innovator in its field, Emirates is already making all the correct moves to stay at the top of the industry, but Sheikh Mo's outline aims for progress, and his foresight is what will ensure Emirates maintains its status.

Image Source: Dubai Media Office
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