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Controversial Du Ad is Pulled from Cinemas

du Pulls Controversial Ad, Proving That Customers Always Come First

Just last week, phone and Internet service provider du ran an ad in Vox Cinemas across the UAE titled "The Man Sitting Next to You."

Showing various mishaps theater-goers encounter when seated next strangers at the cinema, the video poked fun at these characters we all know (and dread). From the woman who knocks over your popcorn as she walks past you to the guy who falls asleep on your shoulders, these are the people you definitely do not want to sit next to when you're at the movies.

Yesterday, du pulled the ad, citing the fact that some people found it offensive.

It's unclear what exactly is offensive about the advert, but du's quick response to displeased customers proves that the company takes complaints pretty seriously.

Not everyone was happy with du removing the ad: many people took to Twitter to praise du for creating particularly funny and compelling content in the region.

While you can still view the funny ad above, you won't be seeing it next time you take in a show at a Vox Cinema.

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