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Disney Princess Protest Signs

This Artwork Depicts Fierce Disney Princesses Smashing the Patriarchy

Disney princesses teaming up to take down the patriarchy? We're in. The princesses are often strong women fighting for what they believe in, so artist Amanda Allen Niday designed artwork that depicts them as modern protesters picketing important issues relevant to women today. Her site says that she was inspired by the Women's March, and her "firm belief that these Princesses would be out there."

Fans will be quick to notice that the words on each sign are actual lines spoken by the princesses and characters in their original Disney movies. "I didn't want to put words into their mouths. I believed their narratives of overcoming struggles was powerful enough without me trying to force something else on them," Niday told Teen Vogue. "I chose quotes from their movies, mostly spoken by the heroine herself, and tried to pick moments that would allude to their story as whole, had deeper meaning within the movie, or referenced modern issues . . . Being strong when you are being told you are weak is a form of protest. Being yourself when you are being told that isn't acceptable is a form of protest. Never giving up hope is a form of protest. I wanted to show that we can control the narrative," Niday said. We couldn't agree more.

You can buy prints of the princesses on Niday's Society6 page. Check out the awesome images ahead.

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