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Dubai Mall Janet Echelman Art Instillation

The Dubai Mall's New Floating Sculpture Will Make You Stop in Your Tracks

The Dubai Mall has been brilliant with its art exhibitions recently, and the latest installation hanging above the Dubai Fountain is worth seeing in-person too.

The 1.78-meter-long floating sculpture, which looks like a fiery red net frozen in the action of being cast in the air, is made up of 124kg of string tied into 600,000 knots. In the breeze it moves and shifts, and at night, the movement is made more beautiful, when the strings are lit up with bright lights.

Created by American fiber artist, Janet Echelman, this portable traveling sculpture is in Dubai for a limited time before it's exhibited around the world. Before it was at The Dubai Mall it was in Madrid, Spain. The idea is to showcase it to people all over the world so they can connect and experiencing it in a unique and entirely individual way.
Part of the Earth Time series, other works in the collection have been exhibited across Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

If you're into art – or even if you're not but appreciate beautiful things in general, go have a look. Totally worth it.

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