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Egyptian Men Claimed They’re Best-Looking Arabs

Egyptian Men Claimed They’re the Best-Looking Arabs but Women Quickly Shut it Down

You can trust a woman to bring a smug man down a peg or two. A funny hashtag stating that "

Egyptian men are the best-looking Arabs" went viral and started a war on Twitter with Egyptian women, who then started another hashtag stating "Egyptian women are the best looking in the universe."

The men's hashtag: #المصري_اجمل_رجال_العرب got hilarious reactions from people on Twitter, said Stepfeed. The men obviously agreed. Mohamed El Gebaly (@mohammed_Gebaly said: "True *wink."

@Ahmed_Alfaumy posted a gif of a man high fiving a cat and said: "Amazing."

Some men poked fun of themselves, like MoGaber95 who posted a picture of a famous Egyptian singer and captioned it: "I think that so."

But some of the women were not feeling it.

TheNoussA (@thenoussa) says: "Yes, and I'm Angelina Jolie."

@fatemaposy posted a gif and said: "Most of us when we saw the Hash (hashtag)."

But still that wasn't enough for the women, so they went ahead and created another viral hashtag: #المصريات_اجمل_نساء_الكون (Egyptian women are the most beautiful in the universe).

Some were serious, like Houd Tikazi (@bbol_dz) who posted a picture of (seriously gorgeous) Egyptian actress, Sherihan.

Others were confident. @sokkarnabat90 posted a picture of famous Egyptian comedic actor, Adel Imam, and said: "we don't need hashtags or other crap…we are confident of this in the first place."

Others were hilariously acting affronted, like Amina (@emyygemyy) who posted a picture of a veiled woman having an argument with a man at Parliament and said: "You doubted that or what?"

Finally, Sohip Ahmed (@sohip_ahmed) put the argument to bed. He posted a picture of a famous TV commercials actor with the words on the picture saying: "Oh my. Why??" and posted both the female and male hashtags and said: "win win situation, see?"

Beautiful or not, there is one thing both Egyptians sexes are known to have plenty of: humor.

Image Source: Twitter user MoGaber95
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