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This Egyptian Guy Will Teach You English in the Funniest Way

Anyone who's bilingual or trilingual can tell you that learning a new language is useful...but it's also super difficult.

For Arabic speakers, learning English can be particularly difficult, as the alphabets differ, and common sounds are lost between the two. One Egyptian Arabic teacher is trying to make learning English as easy as possible, and he's also making it fun, too.

Omar Abdelrahim creates videos and uploads them to YouTube to help his students (and anyone else who's watching) learn English, and he's probably one of the funniest English teachers we've ever met.

Using humor to make it easier to remember certain sounds and pronunciations of words, Abdelrahim is here to school you on how to pronounce brand names (Facebook, Volkswagon, Toyota), and, most difficult of all, words with "P" in them.

Brands 1


B or P?

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