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Elderly Couple Dies Minutes Apart

After 58 Years Together, This Couple Dies Holding Hands

Epic love isn't just for romance movies — and this true sweet story proves otherwise. George and Ora Lee Rodriguez, who celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary on June 1, passed away within hours of each other. The couple lived in San Antonio and raised three daughters together. The pair both developed dementia, and a few months ago George suffered from a stroke.

In their hospital beds at home, George first passed away in his sleep. Three hours after that, Ora Lee passed away as well. The two were holding hands when they died, and many are comparing their love story to The Notebook. Through all the ups and downs in their lives, the 78-year-olds' love never wavered — they stuck by one another's side to the very end. Watch News 4 San Antonio's video to hear their whole story.

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