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Emirates Offering Discount to Dubai Municipality Workers

Emirates Is Helping Dubai Municipality Workers in a Big Way

It's no surprise that Emirates isn't the cheapest flying option around. As the best airline in the world, prices are often higher than on other carriers...but Emirates always makes it worth it.

Whether offering perks like free stuffed animals to the youngest fliers or extra leg-room on long-haul flights, Emirates always puts its passengers first.

Now, the airline is taking one step further by offering a discount to Municipality workers in its home city of Dubai. In a statement issued on Monday, Emirates pledged to offer a 10 percent discount on all economy class flights for Dubai Municipality workers, and 4 percent off business class flights.

The discount applies to all of the airlines' routes and destinations.

Municipality workers may buy tickets for their immediate family with the discount (spouse and children)-- but it's not just a reduced ticket price that comes with the new deal.

Those benefiting from the discount also qualify for an additional 10 kg of luggage per passenger, which will particularly come in handy for longer flights.

All offers will be sent to Municipality workers via email, as well as any further promotions that the airline chooses to offer.

Once again, Emirates has proved why they're worthy of all their accolades.

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