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Emirati Video Teaches the Meaning of Christmas

This Emirati Couple's Video Went Viral For All the Right Reasons

While the UAE is a Muslim-majority country, Christmas is widely recognized. Stores decorate for the holidays, and events are held throughout the country.

Now, one Emirati couple has made a video to show what Christmas is all about in the UAE, and it's gotten over 5 million views since it was posted late last week.

Khalid Al Ameri and his wife Salama filmed a video that highlight's the UAE's commitment to tolerance, showing how Christmas is widely celebrated in the country.

"I always wanted to do something that shows our part of the world in the best light. The good part of things usually gets overshadowed by the bad news and so I felt that it was just a beautiful time to share how good things are in some parts of the world," said Al Ameri, speaking to Gulf News.

"We face a lot of challenges, but there is still a lot of positivity happening in our region, and the more we highlight it the more hope it gives people that things can get better, and there's no better way of moving forward than with tolerance," he added.

Watch below to see how this couple is spreading Christmas joy!


Muslims don't celebrate Christmas, so what happens in a Muslim country when Christmas time comes? Enjoy the video! Follow Khalid Al Ameri on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Alive by Ikson

Posted by Khalid Al Ameri on Thursday, December 21, 2017
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