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Father and Son Reunite in the UAE

Get Your Tissues Ready: This Father, Son Reunion in Ajman is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reunion videos on YouTube. Whether it's a dog being reunited with its owner after a long time apart, or spouses being reunited after one has been deployed, nothing makes the waterworks start like loved ones being brought back together. (If you haven't yet seen Christian the lion, you need to now).

Now, a new video close to home has surfaced, featuring a father and son being reunited in Ajman, thanks to the the Emirates' Shaikh Humaid.

The video, which was first posted to the Ajman police's Instagram page, shows Syrian father Khalifa Rifai Al Khursan sitting with Sheikh Humid when a younger man walks into the room. The father rises and embraced his son, Saif Al Din, whom he had not seen in six years. Saif had been stuck in Syria and then Turkey, until Shekih Humaid interfered and issued him a UAE visa.

The gesture is part of the UAE's Year of Giving 2017, and it didn't just end at the reunion.

According to Gulf News, Khalaf Al Habtoor allowed the father to select any new car her wanted from Al Habtoor's car showrooms. Talk about a happy ending!

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