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#FollowMeTo Instagram Posts

These Besties Hilariously Trolled The #FollowMeTo Couple

In 2013, photographer Murad Osmann began posting photos to Instagram of his then-girlfriend (now wife) holding his hand in awe-inspiring locations around the world.

Using the hashtag #followmeto, the photos quickly went viral, and the hashtag caught on worldwide.

Now, couples on every end of the earth have joined in on the trend, using #followmeto to document their own journeys.

The photos are gorgeous, but one Canadian pair of besties wanted to prove that creating content is not as easy as it looks.

19-year-old Claudia Tihan and her best friend Elisabeth Rioux were on vacation in Hawaii when the opportunity presented itself to show the reality of capturing Instagram-worthy shot.

In the first photo, Tihan stands on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. In the second shot, we see the grim vision behind the lens.

what she see's vs. what i see #swiperight

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