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Gevora Hotel Dubai

The World's Tallest Hotel Is Opening This Week, and Of Course It's in Dubai

Dubai is already home to the world's tallest hotel.

At 72 stories high (355 meters), the 1,608 room complex is considered the tallest hotel in the world, but another property set to open this week will beat that record-- and it's just right down the street.

The Gevora hotel, which is set to open tomorrow, February 12, near Trade Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, will stand at 75 stories. With 528 rooms spanning all 365 meters of the hotel, the property will be the new world's tallest hotel when it opens.

With four dining options, a gym, and jacuzzi, the luxury hotel is sure to have something for everyone.

Of course, in true Dubai style, there will be a luxury spa on the 71st floor.

The hotel has been sharing sneak peaks on their Instagram page, but we can't wait to see the property IRL!

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