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The Girl Deep Down Below

You Have to See This Show Casting Muslim Women Fighting Supernatural Powers

A seven-episode web series centered around a group of Muslim girls that get together and fight an otherworldly enemy is out and it's not like anything you've seen before.

The Girl Deep Down Below is a Chicago-based show featuring black and brown Muslim women, some of which are wearing a Hijab. Produced by the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, the show's seven episodes revolve around these women investigating the disappearance of several people in their neighborhood by a supernatural character that seems to be motivated by Islamophobia. It's sci-fi meet thriller.

Ali Abbas, the creator and director of the show has said that he wanted to break typecasting by presenting women as protagonists in a fantasy type of storyline. He also wanted an honest representation of these women which is why the entire main cast is Muslim and the Hijabi actresses are Hijab wearing women in real life, too.

On the basis of that alone, we must applaud Abbas.

To take on Islamophobia and make it the motivator for the crimes happening in the community is also very clever, and eerily similar to real life. According to Abbas, strange things don't just happen in predominantly white communities like the one in the hit show, Stranger Things, reports

Of that, we have no doubt. Watch the show. It's worth talking about.

Image Source: Twitter user thegirldeepdownbelow
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