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Grandparents Up Piano Duet Video

Just TRY Not to Tear Up During This Video Tribute to Pixar's Up

Remember how Pixar's Up tore your heart out and stomped on it in the first 15 minutes or so of the movie? Well, that memory will come crashing back to you with this incredibly adorable and moving video. Pianist Jason Lyle Black's 80-year-old grandparents pay homage to Up's Carl and Ellie in this piano duet played in honor of their own 60th anniversary. The video even features references to Carl and Ellie's sweet married life — the tennis-ball cane, the "Adventure Book," and family dog are all included.

Backwards-piano-playing YouTuber Black wrote the arrangement for his grandparents, who he says have been playing piano duets since they were first married. "My grandparents were very excited to be part of this video," Black said on his YouTube page. "It was so fun to work with them on it. I've loved their piano duets ever since I was a little kid, so this will be a family treasure for all of us." The authentic love between the grandparents is so tangible in this sweet tribute to the film.

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