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Grey’s Anatomy Character Removes Hijab: Twitter Reactions

A Grey’s Anatomy Character Took Off Her Hijab and the Twittersphere Was So Here For It

Grey's Anatomy earned the respect of Muslims everywhere when one of their lead characters, a veiled intern by the name of Dahlia Qadri, (played by American Sophia Taylor Ali) removed her hijab to save a patient's life. When asked on the show why she did it, Dahlia says, "My faith is about service and compassion."

Grey's earns major points for not only its Muslim representation on a major US show, but for also summing up the true meaning of Islam (not to be confused with the religion that terrorists talk about before blowing up things), in one single line of dialogue.

Twitter users around the world were loving the episode, with @shamsalbadry saying; "She took off her hijab to save a patient, then Dr. Hunt pronounced hijab correctly. Let me know if y'all need a hijab stylist, I gotchu sister."

@propelkindness Tweeted, "#greysanatomy just gets better and better. @shondarhimes truly walks the walk. It is amazing and so meaningful to see a regular Muslim character on a tv show, in @byshondaland no less! To top it off, @TheRealKMcKidd pronounced hijab pretty good. #Diversity #Representation."

This is not the first time that the hit show featured hijab-wearing characters. In 2017, in an episode entitled "Be Still, My Soul," directed by Ellen Pompeo (the actress who plays Meredith), two hijab clad women (one a doctor and one a nurse) also sparked enthusiasm among audiences.

Noha Aghbar, (@99_noha) previously tweeted, " As a girl wearing Hijab and a huge fan of greys anatomy since day one i was overwhelmed seeing those women in the episode thank you Ellen."

@najd_alsulaiman from Saudi Arabia said: "A big shoutout to @EllenPompeo for directing a very captivating episode that involved a doctor & a nurse wearing Hijab."

At the time, Pompeo Tweeted that she was glad using hijabi representation was effective.

We hope other hit shows take a leaf out of Grey's Anatomy's book and cast more people that need to be represented fairly in mainstream media.

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