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Groom Cries as Bride Walks Down the Aisle

Grooms Take Note: This Video of a Man Crying as His Bride Walks Down the Aisle Is Perfect

Walking down the aisle is emotional, maybe even the most emotional event of a wedding. A viral video of a groom in tears as his wife-to-be walks down the aisle is a testament to just how emotional that short journey is. Gabriel and Annabelle Deko got married in May, but a video of Gabriel's walk down the aisle was posted to Vimeo this week and people are understandably moved. Gabriel, smiling, is totally staggered by his wife's beauty and they both can't hold back tears. Eventually, the bridesmaids are crying as well . . . and we can barely hold back our own tears. We're sure this couple will cherish this beautifully captured moment forever. Grooms, take note. Below are some of our favorite moments from the video.

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