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Hey Arnold Voice Actor Grown Up

Heeeeeeeeey, Arnold — This '90s Actor Went From Football Head to Friggin' Gorgeous

A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

If we'd known how sexy the voice actor from Hey, Arnold! would end up in 2018, we never would have told him to "Move it, football head." It seems that gum-shrine-worshipping, secretly obsessed Helga Pataki was right all along, because the voice actor who played Arnold is now a bearded, tattooed, gorgeous specimen of a man. The 33-year-old, named Lane Toran, is an actor, model, and musician who happens to take flawless photos for his Instagram followers to appreciate.

Take a walk down memory road and appreciate how puberty has changed Arnold Lane over the years. We know Helga would!

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