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How to Clean Your Bedroom Fast

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Bedroom in 60 Minutes or Less

How to Clean Your Bedroom Fast
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia

There are two rooms in my apartment that I keep tidy (nearly) 24/7: the bathroom, and the bedroom. The bathroom, because it's purely the hygienic thing to do. The bedroom, because it's where I sleep for 9 hours, and where I keep my personal items. Not to mention, I sprawl out on the bed daily to catch up on books, binge-watch Netflix, and play on my phone . . . so, in summary, it's the place I spend the most time. You're probably not so unlike me, which is exactly why it's important to show your bedroom a bit of TLC here and there. Dedicate one hour of deep cleaning to your main resting quarters — I can say, with 100 percent surety, you'll thank yourself when you're through!

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