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How Long Do People in Iceland Fast During Ramadan?

Here's What It's Like For Muslims Fasting For a Whopping 22 Hours During Ramadan

Iceland is known for having one of the longest daytimes in the world, which means a very long time fasting during Ramadan.

Muslims living in the Nordic island nation shared their experiences with BBC News, sharing exactly what they eat during the two hours they can during the Holy Month, due to early sunrises and last sunsets.

Despite is being much longer than those fasting in the Middle East, Sulman, who moved to Iceland from Pakistan nine years ago, only eats yogurt and fruit during the small window bu says it's "very easy" thanks to his faith.

There's estimated to be 1,000 Muslims in the country and the video above also shows Yaman, who served food in a kebab shop all day and night but abstains from complaining and continues to work as normal.

Watch the clip above and prepare to be seriously inspired!

Image Sources: and POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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