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Impeachara Viral Video

Suffering From Trump Anxiety Disorder? Impeachara Is the Perfect Solution

Medically induced ignorance is bliss — isn't that the saying? Well, at least that's the goal of Impeachara, a satirical drug that will treat Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder (TIAD). The hysterical video describes and nails the symptoms of TIAD: irritability and constant arguments with family and friends (including friends of friends on Facebook), to name a couple.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. Enter the hypothetical (miracle?) drug Impeachara that can fool a patient's brain into believing Trump has already been impeached. "Impeachara works on your brain's neurotransmitters and optical receptors, convincing you that Donald Trump has already been impeached," a familiar prescription-ad voice explains.

Current supporters of Trump's administration are not encouraged to consume Impeachara, as it might cause "thoughts of suicide or spontaneous bowel movements [and] in rare cases people have developed a skin condition known as Cheetos Face."

Sam Friedlander, a Los Angeles-based director, posted the spoof ad on March 9 and it's since gone viral with over 200,000 views on YouTube. We can't imagine why . . .

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