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International Translation Day 2017

Sheikh Mo Wrote a Letter in Honor of International Translation Day

Over the weekend, International Translation Day was celebrated around the world, and Sheikh Mo took the occasion to stress the importance of preserving the Arabic language.

Earlier this summer, the UAE royal announced a new initiative, the aim of which is to translate 5000 educational videos (with a total of 11 million words) into Arabic in 365 days.

"Our goal is to instill a passion for learning in a new generation of young Arabs, and to inspire them to apply their knowledge and give back to their home countries," the project's official website reads.

"In an attempt to contribute to our civilizational development, we are seeking to enrich our education system by contributing no less than 5000 videos of esteemed educational content focused on Science and Math."

Now, using the holiday to stress the importance of the 'Translation Challenge,' Sheikh Mo penned a letter on his LinkedIn page to highlight the goals of the project.

"We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development. Yesterday the world celebrated International Translation Day, honoring the instrumental role translators play in bridging civilizations, cultures and generations," he wrote.

"The knowledge that translators preserve through the ages forms the foundation of modern civilizations; this makes translation one of the most essential elements in developing nations and people, and in promoting a culture of understanding and tolerance," he added.

The aim of his letter is to inspire future generations of Arabic speakers: "Fifty-four million Arabs were illiterate in 2015. Today, Arabs make only 1% of contributions in the research and development sectors. We once cultivated the most influential scientific minds in the world, but only one Arab scientist has ever been awarded the Nobel Prize, out of 626.

"The Translation Challenge seeks to redirect this path, and see us headed back to our routes of academic excellence and global contribution. Our future will be defined by the decisions we make today, and by the legacy that we leave our children. Our goal is to create hope and build a foundation for a future that is based on positivity, innovation and the spirit of openness."

There's still time to help out if you're interested, and you can sign up and learn more right here!

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