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Italians React to This Girl's "I Am Muslim" Experiment

What This Muslim Girl Did on Her Trip Abroad Will Put a Smile on Your Face

With many Muslims feeling they've had to defend the religion recently, due to events such as the Orlando mass shooting, some might say this woman was pretty brave to do what she does in this video.

The clip starts with Haifa explaining that she is a Muslim girl and that certain things said about the religion in the media have been hurtful. It made her worry that people think she's a terrorist or living an oppressed life.

She then challenges people to go directly up to her and finish this sentence: "I am Muslim and that makes me…"

However, the reaction to her declaring her Islamic faith on the streets of Italy, not only surprised her, but many of her subscribers too.

YouTube comments revealed that the scenes made them cry with happiness and explained it proves there are more good people in the world than those who are judgmental and close-minded.

Watch the clip and prepare to be inspired.

Image Source: YouTube user BeSaySo
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