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Jetex Dubai South Airport Private Terminal

This Private Airport Terminal in Dubai Is More Like a 5-Star Hotel

Jetex Dubai South Airport Private Terminal
Image Source: Jetex

While the idea of traveling to a new destination sure is fun, the hassle that comes with checking in and waiting at an airport is the part that most people dread. But not if you're flying via private jet from Dubai South.

The Private Jetex terminal takes the stressful part out by making people feel like they've checked into a plush hotel when they check in for their flight, which by the way, is pretty much eliminated.

When I flew on a private jet from the terminal with JetSmarter, an airline representative took my passport and handled all that for me with the dedicated customs and immigration officers who are on hand 24 hours for the small number of passengers. So guests get the chance to enjoy the serene passenger lounge (crew have their own dedicated space) which features a grand piano and luxury car in the reception.

Mainly a white space lit up with pops of color, the carpeted flooring resembles a sandy island for faux palms trees and the ceilings resemble clouds with lighting that looks like rays of sun.

With shower facilities, sleeping pods, and massage chairs (or book a spa treatment), you can chill out before boarding. Or keep yourself busy with table football and the Duty Free shops – there's even a cigar lounge at the 1,500 sq m facility.
Wait staff are on hand to get you anything you may need, from a cappuccino to packaged snacks to be enjoyed on a table dressed up as a campfire, or nibble while you work at their high stations.

Check out the gallery to see what guests get to experience before being taken to their plane in fancy cars.

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