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Jetman Dubai Video

Jetman's Latest Dubai Stunt Is the Craziest Yet

The Jetman Dubai duo is back, and their latest stunt may just be their craziest yet!

Part of the XDubai team, the Jetman Dubai guys have performed a number of daring routines in the sky. From flying over the Palm to jumping out of planes over the desert, they're pretty fearless...they even flew alongside an Emirates A380.

In their latest video, the two can be seen chasing down a private jet as it flies along the city's coastline, offering iconic views of the Palm, the Burj al Arab, and Dubai's famous skyscrapers.

It's pretty amazing to see them fly at the same altitude (and at a similar speed) to an actual plane, especially considering that they don't seem to have much equipment other than their suits.

Watch below!

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