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Justin Trudeau Responds to Gender Equality Question

Watch Canada's Prime Minister Totally Shut Down Institutional Sexism With Just 3 Words

There's been plenty of buzz lately surrounding Canada's notably handsome prime minister, Justin Trudeau — and his latest statement about institutional gender inequality will only create more. When asked about why his new, diverse cabinet included so many women, Trudeau simply responded: "Because it's 2015."

Mic dropped.

Trudeau's new collection of government ministers is far more representative of the Canadian population than past cabinets, featuring an equal balance of men and women as well as representatives of different cultural backgrounds. As a relatively young leader who was elected based on a campaign that promised fundamental changes to Canadian policy, Trudeau has been wonderfully unapologetic about his move toward a government that looks "more like Canada." After all, it's 2015 . . . shouldn't every lawmaker be pushing for equality and representation?

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