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Lessons Learned From a Breakup

15 Lessons I Learned Because You Broke My Heart

Lessons Learned From a Breakup

I'm not a love novice. In fact, I am probably more experienced than I should be for my years. I've been married, been divorced, and been in a number of relationships of all different kinds throughout my dating years as a teenager and as an adult.

However, none have affected my life more and none have been more influential on me than my most recent. While it ended a few months ago, he was the first one that I gave my whole heart to, fully and without question. He gave me a new foundation and he changed my life. But, like all good things, it had to end, and I was left heartbroken.

I already know that my heart will never heal completely — he left a mark that is indelible. And I would still (and probably always) choose him every day if he walked back into my life, no matter where I am.

But, while I am attempting to become as whole as my soul will let me be (and I am trying), I have had some time to reflect on the lessons I learned while dealing with the sadness of the end of a relationship I thought was the end-all-be-all. ("I'm in it to win it, babe," I said with a grin and a giggle one night on the couch. And I was.)

So, without further ado, here are the 15 things I learned because he broke my heart.

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