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Miss Universe Fans Angry as Jamaica Loses to South Africa

Miss South Africa Won Miss Universe and the Internet Wants a Recount

We've said it time and time again but the Internet really does have no chill. Last night, Miss South Africa was crowned Miss Universe and it quickly became a trending topic in the Middle East but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters certainly is a beauty but when it came to winning the public's heart, Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett, was queen and people were baffled about how she managed to only come second runner-up to Colombia's Laura Gonzalez.

It didn't take them long to express their outrage on Twitter with some joking that they were waiting for Steve Harvey to announce that he'd made a mistake, a la his embarrassing mistake with Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines in 2016.

Others commented that although Davina delivered a giant of a final answer and displayed elegant and intelligent qualities throughout, she may not have won because they didn't know how to fit her crown over her natural hair.

Most noticeable for the Twittersphere was how they could hear boos from the crowd when it became clear Miss Jamaica wasn't going to win. See some of the comments below.

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