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Muslims on a Plane

This Video Fights Islamophobia With Humor

As Islamophobia continues to rise in the US, there seem to be more and more reports of Muslims being kicked off of flights for, well...being Muslim.

US-based airlines such as Delta and and American Airlines have had multiple incidents of removing people from flights for speaking Arabic, or for behaving in a way that made crew or fellow passengers feel "unsafe."

A new video from the organization Peace House seeks to draw attention to what its like to fly as a Muslim-- and uses humor to do so. The one-minute long video opens with a Muslim man sitting in his airplane seat doing a math equation. A white man sitting next to him hands the flight attendant a post-it note that reads "Muzlims doing math." The man is then kicked off the plane.

In another scene, a passenger asks a flight attendant, "do you have a snack bar?" "What'd you say?" She snaps back, "Allahu Akbar?"

Watch the rest of this video above!

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