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Road Trip From Germany to Dubai

This Man and His Cat Are Taking a Road Trip From Germany to Dubai

This may be the best road trip of all time: a man and his cat are riding a motorcycle from Germany to Dubai.

It sounds impossible-- or at least implausible-- but Martin Klauka and his cat Mogli are doing just that. The pair departed from Rosenheim, Bavaria, and the journey will take them through 15 countries in three months.

"The route will take us on small roads down from Germany through the Austrian and Slovenian Alps into Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, then heading south, through the Dinaric Alps, crossing Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia into Greece, Turkey, Iran until we reach the UAE," Klauka told The National, adding that he realizes this trip is not typical for a cat, but he couldn't bear leaving his beloved Mogli at home.

"Obviously a cat would compete with my upcoming travel plans and I tried to think of a solution for this problem," he said. "I sat her in the tank bag on my bike and went for a ride. To my surprise, it didn't seem to bother her at all.

"It's not easy to have a cat on-board as I have to plan more and longer breaks, take food, find a place for her to do her business and tell her that she can't run around sometimes. Shopping is also difficult with a cat on my shoulder."

When the pair arrives in Dubai in November, Klauka plans on finding work and settling down-- at least for a bit. And then best part? Mogli won't have to be separated from her owner for even a minute. The cat is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies, which means she won't have to be quarantined!

Safe travels!

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