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Saudi Arabia Doctor Thinks Sexes Shouldn't Have Equal Rights

This Doctor From Saudi Arabia Thinks Women Shouldn't Have the Same Rights as Men

A doctor from Saudi Arabia made some controversial waves on social media when she said that men and women shouldn't be treated equally.

During a televised appearance on Rotana Khalijiya's Ya Hala on Monday, Doctor Lamya Ibrahim reportedly said that women shouldn't even want the same rights as men. "What are the rights given to men that they want women to get? Do they want us to allow women to move out of their family homes to live alone or with friends?! I personally think that's unacceptable," StepFeed quotes her as saying.

She also said that a woman's mistake is different than a man's because "a woman's mistakes affect her entire family."

But not all Tweeps were digging her statements. Abdulaziz wrote: "Ok go out with your love, let him hurt you and then come cry about your rights."

Cavlin said: "May God remove your witless mind, only idiots think this way, dirt runs in your blood."

Avo.Sakrana chimed in: "I think this doctor's understanding of freedom is from a sexual perspective. But if she understood the issue of freedom in the correct way then no one would be scared of it."

In a time when Saudi Arabia is seeing women's rights radically progress, it can be expected that some women afraid of the changes. Luckily, many are using their voices to make it clear that it's about time we get our dues.

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